Tips For Choosing an Effective Job Search Site

If you are reading this post, that already tells me that you are somewhat savvy. You either spend time on various social networking sites or are just a fan of blogs and enjoy gathering as much info as you can. If that is the case, then you have probably been bombarded lately with the plethora of job search advice. What to do, what not to do, where to go, who to follow, etc.-the amount of advice is overwhelming.

And as one of many in that vast sea of free wisdom, I can tell you that most of it is pretty good. Conducting a targeted approach using personal/professional contacts with an accomplishments-based resume is the right idea.

Nevertheless, there always seems to be that one person (or few persons) who bucks the system, who defies the professionals, and comes out with the great job anyway.

The resume stinks. The cover letter is nonexistent. The person doesn't use any of the trendy tools like social networks or blogs. He or she barely even seems to put forth much effort, and yet, here the amazing offer seems to just come his or her way.

And here you are currently plugging away at your job search, trying to do all the "right" things, and now wondering whether this advice is really worth it after all.

Listen. It is definitely true that job hunting is not a science; it is more like playing a game of odds. The odds are shown to be better if you do X, Y, and Z. The reason is because, frankly, people are involved. And whenever you are relying on people, there is that element of chance. What turns one person on can turn another off. As you know, life doesn't offer many guarantees (remember that death and taxes cliché?), and a job search is no exception.

So where does that leave you? You've followed all the rules. You're friend didn't. He's working, and your not.

Of course the variables in this scenario are numerous. Are you going for the same jobs? Are you living in the same area? Do you have the same skill sets?

But even with all that, your friend is still in the minority. For most people, taking that job search gamble often causes them to come up short.

The trick is to put your best foot forward and implement a well-organized strategy for your search but combine that with what makes you unique-you! Sometimes in trying to do everything "right," we lose sight of who we are. We almost get lost in creating an image that we have a hard time fulfilling. That's where our friend typically has it right. So find a way to strike that balance, and hey, keep looking up! The odds are in your favor.

There are loads of online job search sites available. The key to successful job hunting is to know the right sites to apply in. Short listing the effective job search websites is an important exercise which most of us under value. Uploading your resume anywhere and everywhere is not going to help. You don’t want to make an online presence; you want to get jobs matching your criteria. And targeting them through the right websites is the first step.
Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind while choosing an effective job search site.
1. Give importance to the site popularity. Register yourself with not just the top ranking but also the fastest growing job search portal. The higher the traffic, the more you are going to get noticed.
2. Choose an integrated job search site which gathers postings from various job search engines and company websites. You can get all information in one place and hence save time and energy.
3. Give importance to the resume uploading facility. Ensure that the process is easy, instant and safe.
4. Lay emphasis on the search process. Does it allow you to search jobs via various parameters such as industry, location, years of experience, level of job etc? Ensure that the job search process is easy and precise.
5. Check the site not just as a job seeker but also as a recruiter. After all, it’s the recruiters you need to appeal to. It is important to judge the appeal of the job search site to the recruiters also.
6. Check how often companies are posting job requirements. Any good website would always mention the job posting date, so that you do not waste time applying for a job posted months earlier. The relevancy and the frequency of updating jobs are important criterion.
7. Give preference to sites with greater interactivity. Look out for blogs, forums or other interactive platforms within the job search website.
8. Check out for tools offered by the site enabling better management of your search. These may include flagging off, getting job alerts and notifications, facility for easy and fast uploading of resumes and simpler management console.
9. Check if the job search site offers something extra. That is, it goes beyond the actual services of recruitment. These may include stuff like company reviews and online networking platforms.
10. Check for privacy and safety of the job site. You definitely do not want to take any risks. Ensure that they are not using your email id to spam. Always read the privacy policy before short listing the search website.
Ensure that you check on the above factors before you short list the job search sites to register with. The site should satisfy the basic criteria of convenience, accessibility, easy management, interactivity, safety and other add on benefits.

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