How The Employers Look at Online Degree?

Let's face it. It's a tough time to be looking for a job. The American economy has been growing for a long time, but is now taking a pause and will probably shrink for a period of time. None of us know how long the tough times will last, but we do know the effects on jobs have not been good so far. Our economy lost 159,000 jobs during September, and has lost 760,000 jobs during 2008. 9.5 million people are now considered unemployed by the government, meaning that they are seeking work, but unable to find it. The unemployment rate has increased to 6.1%, which is high compared to recent years. Here in Charlotte, NC unemployment has increased to over 7%, and we're losing jobs in our highest paying sector -- banking.

In spite of the bad news, I believe in positive thinking...with a touch of realism. We're not guaranteed that "everything is going to work out". Hope is not a strategy. But, I do believe that by seeking to understand the world around us, setting goals, planning carefully, and working hard, we can increase our chances for a better future. If you are out of work right now and looking for a job, this applies to you. There are fewer open jobs today and more competition for them, but by following these three steps you can increase your chances of finding the job you are seeking even in this tough economy:

 Follow these steps and you will differentiate yourself from the millions of other job seekers and increase your chances of finding a job in a tough economy.

Nowadays, it is common to earn a degree through online education program. You can choose any major that fit your needs from degree programs offered by various online schools. Many of us are getting a degree for the purpose of career advancement or making a career switch. So, the acceptance of the degree in the job market is important. The common concern for most students who are planning to pursue their degree online is whether the degree earned is equally competitive with the standard degree which earned through campus-based university.
In deciding whether to go for online study or follow the campus-based degree program, the acceptance of the degree in the job market may become your key consideration factor. You may choose to pursue the traditional campus-based degree program just because you worry that online degree may not widely accepted in the job market, so it may affects your career opportunities after your graduation.
In the early introduction of online education, your concern about how the employers look at online degree may be valid. But the growth of online education in past 20 years shown that online study has become popular as more and more students are getting their degree through this channel. Statistics show that generally a degree that earned from campus-based or through online has no differences, but employers do have concerns about fake degrees issued by diploma mills.
The market demands have pushed the online education to growth rapidly, and it has becomes one of the most profitable industry which attractive diploma mills to compete for the market share. The diploma mills are unauthorized universities that offer online degrees that are not accredited by accrediting agency which approved by Department of Education. Those degrees that issued by diploma mills are illegal and they are not accepted in the job market. Employers nowadays are well aware about those fake degrees and they have tried their best efforts to reject them. So, if you are earn your degree from a diploma mill, the consequences may not just losing your job opportunity, but you may be dragged into a legal case due to holding an illegal degree.
Most employers have a list of accredited online universities and their degree programs, or they can easily access the list from the accreditation database from Department of Education’s website. Any degree from an unknown or suspicious online university will easily draw attention by the employers. If you are earning a degree from a reputable and properly accredited university, your online degree should have no different than the degree earned through campus-based university.
For students who are planning to earn their degree online, they should not worry about how the employers look at their degree because online degrees are wide accepted by most of employers. What you need to focus on is finding an online degree program that is properly accredited by an accrediting agency approved Department of Education. You can access to the accreditation information from website.
As long as you are getting a degree from an accredited online university, which the accreditation is done by an accrediting agency recognized by Department of Education, you shouldn’t face any problem when you use the degree to start your career after graduation.

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