The London Firm

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Title: The London Firm
Release year: 2015
Movie genres: Crime; Thriller
Director: Neil Horner
Actors: Vincent Regan, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Jon Campling, Kumud Pant, Stephen Marcus, Robert Cavanah, Seb Castang, Jasmine Jardot, Leon Corbin, Samantha Glenn, Neil Horner
Movie length: 80 min.

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There are so many interesting actions in Crime category that were released in 2015 but we think that The London Firm is the best of them! You should just see all things that wait for you to be seen here and there are absolutely no hesitations that you would not stay indifferent or some other things like that. Running time of The London Firm is 80 m. Such wonderful actors like Leon Corbin, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Jon Campling, Stephen Marcus are starring here and their acting is convincing. The director made right choice with Leon Corbin that is the main actor of the film and that is making it looking unordinary and great. This film is not only a superior must watch and extra film, but it’s supposed to be a top rated. I think you 100% will like The London Firm flick. Thanks. 8)

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