Taken in Broad Daylight

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Title: Taken in Broad Daylight
Release year: 2009
Movie genres: Crime; Drama; Thriller
Director: Gary Yates
Actors: Sara Canning, James Van Der Beek, LeVar Burton, Diana Reis, Tom Anniko, Sarah Constible, Garth Merkeley, Adriana O'Neil, Nancy Drake, Robert Huculak, Aaron Hughes, Kristen Harris, Gary Yates
Movie length: 89 min.

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This movie has a really superior cast, some very great story. Taken in Broad Daylight Drama movie was created in early 2009. Tom Anniko, Garth Merkeley, James Van Der Beek have made this movie terrific to watch. Just my imho. Waiting? Go and start watching this movie right now. Do not forget to add to your tweeter movie.

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