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Effective Job Hunting – 5 Key Attributes

Apart from all the marketing strategies that need to be understood and applied when job hunting, I always ensure job seekers who attend my course understand 5 Key Attributes they need to possess in order to deal with what will be served up as they go down the job hunting path.

Mental Discipline – I remember many years ago my father, who had boxed in the forces early in his career, told me that real toughness was not about being a good fighter, but more about being mentally tough. I did find this out the hard way, when, after being a junior soccer superstar, failed at the top flight in senior level, in the main because I did not have or was not willing to develop the necessary mental toughness required to make it in the big league.

As you enter the job hunting process mental discipline is extremely important. Finding and ascertaining the right job requires hard work. There are lots of contacts you must generate, follow up calls, meetings, research and there will be the knock backs, at times to jobs that you thought might have been in the bag.

You have to stay focussed on the prize. One bad day in job hunting isn’t about feeling sorry for yourself and taking the following day or two off to get better. You have to bounce back the next day and every day afterwards – up early and keep at it. It is about having a regime and sticking to it until you get the job you are after.

Self Believe – Strong self belief is fully believing that what you have to offer the world is both unique and very special. Without strong self belief, like discipline, you will not get too far down the job hunting path. Imagine going into an interview not thinking you are the best. You are just wasting your time and that of the employer. If you do have any doubts you only have to ask yourself this question – do I really want another applicant to get the job? Not likely is my guess.

Think of Nelson Mandela and what he had to go through. Without such a strong sense of self belief he would never have made it in prison, never mind become President of South Africa when others have already retired. How about Ray Kroch, founder of McDonalds, who, at the age of 57, when others are starting to look forward to retirement, mortgaged his house and bought the McDonald brothers business in Miami. This is self belief.

Organisation and Planning – Good marketers are well organised and leave nothing to chance. A solid well thought out plan will ensure; your contact list is developed, your main message is put together, your resume is ready and can be suitably amended at a moment’s notice for any job. You will have a folder which keeps a track of all contacts you have made, what stage you are at and when you will be making your next contact. Being well planned and organised means you will remain in control and always prepared for an interview.

Ability To Learn – No job seeker comes into the job hunting process knowing everything there is to know about job hunting. You are undertaking a learning process, especially if you are a recent school leaver, and you must submit yourself to the acquisition of the knowledge required to be an effective marketer. This will mean learning more about; yourself, the job market and how to readily engage with employers. Embrace this learning process is exciting, especially when it is going to put you ahead of the pack and get you that job you want.

Perseverance – This word is my favourite word in life after love, peace and yes, and is the first and last word in job hunting.

The best way I can ever explain it is to quote the story of a disabled job seeker who was a client for the first employment service I worked for. John was a young man with a mild intellectual disability, use of only one arm and to make it even harder, had only arrived from China a couple of years beforehand with limited English.

This never stopped John as he came into our office every day for over a year with his newspaper advertisements and his resume. Away he would go, on the telephone, the computer and the photocopier. John never asked for any assistance, just kept quietly plugging away, always with a smile on his face and never a negative word about his knockbacks or predicament – he just persevered. Finally, one day John got an interview with a power company as a clerk in the mail area. He got the job and within a few years had won more employee of the month awards than any other employee. Last I heard he was still working there.

Like John, never give up. There is a job out there for you – you just have to ensure you possess these attributes and it will happen.