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5 Ways to Find Qualified Job Candidates

Are you a business owner or hiring manager who has a position that needs to be filled? If so, you might wonder “what is the best way to find job candidates who are qualified for and are ideal for the job?” Here are five methods to get you started:

There are a number of job search sites online and classified websites, like the popular, that have employment sections. Unlike a newspaper ad, you typically pay a flat fee for a listing on a job search site. This means you should have more room to go into detail about the position, the requirements, and so forth. Thousands of job searches a day are performed on most job search sites; therefore, there is a good chance that your listing will be seen by multiple candidates who are consider qualified for the job.

Granted online job search sites have increased a lot in popularity, there are still a lot of individuals who read the good old fashioned newspaper. For that reason, it won’t hurt to spend around $10 to place a job listing in a local paper. Provide a quick job description, any must-have requirements (such as a degree), and leave a method of application.

Searching online resume databases is one of the fastest and most successful ways to find qualified job candidates. How so? You do the searching. You seek out the job candidates, as opposed to letting them come to you. This means you have more control as a business owner or hiring manager. As previously stated, there are no guarantees that the resumes you get will be from qualified workers when you post a job listing online or in a local paper.

Placing a sign in a window is another way to find qualified job candidates, but this approach is pretty hit or miss. There is chance that someone who has the skills and job experience will come walking through your doors but there are now guarantees. Luckily, most now hiring signs cost $2 or less. While common practice for retail stores, any company can put a now hiring sign in their window or even make a note on their online website.

Promoting from within is a great way to find qualified job candidates. How so? It is easy, free (aside from the raise you might need to provide), and you already know the employee in question is familiar with your company’s wants and needs. Promoting from within is also a great way to improve company morale. It is no secret that most people prefer working at a company where there is a chance to move up the company ladder. So if the position is anything other than an entry level position, examine your current workforce.