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High Paying Jobs For Teens Under 18

So, you have come here in search of high paying jobs for teens under 18? Well, you have come to the right place. There are many jobs teens can get but, they will not be paid a great amount. Most of the time, teens are paid minimum wage. Also, teens have to work a lot just to be paid 8.50 per hour. Well, that is life. In my onion,good paying jobs are found online. The 2 highest paying jobs for teens under 18 are taking surveys and offers online or selling products online.

The first high paying job for teens under 18 is taking surveys and offers online. This job is way easier than working at a McDonald’s or at Movie Theater. Also, a teenager can earn more than 1000$ per month just working at home only a couple minutes per day. Also, you can work whenever he would like to and earn as much as he would like.


The second high paying job for teens under 18 is selling products online. In this type of job, a teenager can earn as much as he wants. An individual can easily earn 200$ per week and sometimes even more if he sells more products. Also, a person can work whenever he wants as well. Think about it, the more you sell the more you make.

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