Nothing To Hide

How Much Time Each Week Do You Spend on Your Job Search?

Many of my coaching clients ask me how much time they should spend on their job search while in career transition. The answer depends on how motivated they are to land that next job.  The amount of effort put forth in a job search will directly impact the results and time it takes to find a new position. From my perspective, if you are in career transition, looking for a job IS your full time job.

Most full time “40 hour a week jobs” require more than 40 hours of actual work each week. Most of us spent 30 to 60 minutes commuting each way to work. The actual amount of time spent going to and working at a full time job is likely 50 to 70 hours a week. Are you spending that much time in your job search?

When I work with career coaching clients, I have them keep a journal to document their activities and results. On our weekly coaching call, we review the week’s activities; results that have been achieved and determine the next steps.  By documenting their job search activities they have a factual record of their accomplishments and the effort they put into their job search. If at the end of the week, the journal pages are blank, they can see their effort expended was minimal.

If you are looking for work and not getting the results you desire, track the effort you are putting into your job search. At the end of the week reflect on your activities and accomplishments. If you are not happy with the results, change your approach the next week.