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It is Not Your Father’s Workplace – Strategies For a Successful Job Search

Five strategies for the successful job search include development of a personal business plan, computer skills, use of social networking sites, networking and future planning. The job market is so different when you have new high school and college graduates competing for the same jobs as more typical job seekers and retirees. These strategies can help you adjust to the changing job market demands.

Most people are familiar with the concept of a business plan, which analyzed plans and provides focus. It is required when a person wants funding. Think of yourself as a business seeking funding. You will summarize the career that you desired and your skill set. It will help develop focus and direction in a difficult time. You can compare yourself with the jobs in your field to determine if you need further education. You can also use it for informational discussions with mentors or others in your desired field.. The concept of one job for a lifetime is no longer realistic. Your personal business plan should reflect this. The other guidelines will all play a part in your business plan..

Computer skills are usually a requirement rather than just a desired skills. You need to be computer comfortable. Even applications for low level positions are being done on computer. Your research will guide you to the programs needed to be mastered. While most people are comfortable with email, your email address should be professional. Slang or catchy handles may work well with your friends but may not be appreciated by future employers.

Social network site can be valuable asset or close off opportunities. Employers routine check candidates for profiles on sites such Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and alumni sites. People put things including pictures on them that they may later regret.. Many of these sites have question and answer sections. You can answer questions and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Some companies also using the sites to market so skills with them is valuable..

Networking can alert you to jobs and new directions for your business plan. Spreading your business cards liberally can assist. Professional organization can assist you.. Some of my best leads came from unexpected sources. Participation in speaker bureaus, Dale Carnegie courses or even a local Tiger Bay Club opens you to new contacts.

Improving credentials as an expert can be accomplished by publication, public speaking, and mentoring others. You should never miss an opportunity to make yourself known while providing a service. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool. You should have a succinct statement about what you do or want to do.

The market place for job candidates has changed drastically since your father job hunted. You might even be competing with your father and/or your children. One has to change in order to be successful. Hopefully this discussion will help you achieve your goals.