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The Number One Game Is Your Job Search

After you lose a job, the number one game is your job search. So why not make a game of it. Actually, to look for a job is the numbers game. The more of your associates, friends, and prospective employers you contact, the sooner you’ll be offered a job.

· Put all of the ball bearings in a pocket or section of your purse

· Every time you talk to someone, take a ball bearing out of one pocket and transfer it to another.

· The day is not complete until your first pocket, or section of your purse, is empty

Success in this game is not measured by how well you perform with each person, but whether that conversation results in another meeting, interview, or introduction to someone else. You can play the game with people you speak to on the phone or in person.

You can compare a job hunt to playing the lottery — “you gotta be in it to win it.” The more people you call, the more meetings you’ll get. The more meetings you have, the more interviews you’ll have. And the more interviews you have, the more offers you’ll get.

You guarantee a long job search by not talking to enough people. And it might feel uncomfortable when you begin reaching out to people because you’re stretching your comfort zone.

But when you buy ten ball bearings for playing the job search game your ride will be much smoother because you’ll reduce job search anxiety.