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Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

As with any endeavour, starting out on any task is probably the most difficult part. This is especially true for freelance writing. Starting a freelance writing business and getting clients is the hardest part of the freelance writing experience. Every writer who has dabbled in freelance work knows this.

Setting off as a freelance writer can be very difficult for beginners or those who do not have any writing experience to speak of. One cannot immediately start work without any client requesting a task, and it is very difficult to find a client who is willing to take a chance on a beginner. This can turn into a very frustrating and vicious cycle, especially after being available for work for some time yet still not being able to get any clients to request for work.

As stated, it can be difficult to find clients who are willing to allow beginners to work for them, but they are there, however rare. The challenge lies in finding these scarce individuals. A good place to start looking for freelance writing jobs is the internet. There are several means through which an aspiring freelance writer can find work online:

o Search engines

Using a search engine to find freelance writing jobs is the easiest way to start. A search using the phrase “freelance writing jobs” can turn up forums and job post sites. The same search can also lead to websites that provide a more specialized approach that allows writers to connect with potential clients.

o Forums

Some clients may post their need for writers on online forums. Forums are a great avenue for writers to find and establish communication with a potential client.

o Job Posting Sites

Some companies post job advertisements on job posting websites. Advertised positions may include content writing, article writing, and press release writing positions.

o Specialised Websites

There are online market places that cater to both clients and freelance writing service providers. These websites require registration and may sometimes require a fee that is taken out of a writers earnings. There are a lot of dodgy sites out there but there are also legitimate and effective communities for writers and clients. One should simply be careful in choosing which online community to sign up with.

Once a writer has located a client and has taken a job, he should aim to impress that client. Any freelance writer will attest that most clients stick to writers that have a proven track record and can be relied upon. Having at least a handful of regular clients is great for a freelance writer. Establishing a regular assignment with a client can mean not having to compete or bid for a job. Regular clients can keep giving writers tasks as long as the writer also keeps up his end of the bargain and continues to provide his clients with work of high quality.

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