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How To Handle Rejection In Your Job Search

Although you have a superb resume and the interview seemed perfect, you may not get the job. You will face rejection as part of the job search. There are two things to keep in mind when you are not offered the job. First, in the current economy there are more candidates than jobs. More than ever the job search requires more from the applicants. Most likely you will send out a greater number of resumes than ever before, you will have fewer interviews than ever before, and you will face rejection frequently. This frustrating situation is the result of a weak economy and a shattered job market. Secondly, it is important to remember that this type of rejection really is not personal. You are riding the “rejection boat” in the company of many competent, experienced and talented applicants.

So, when rejection comes, and it will, what should you do? Be sure you do an attitude check and choose to handle this minor setback with a positive attitude. If you need an attitude adjustment, quickly work on it. Use this rejection as a learning tool. Honestly review your resume or have a trusted associate critique it for you. It is possible that it needs a few tweaks. Mentally review the interview process. Were you on time and prepared for the interview? Was your appearance appropriate for the job? Were there any “oh no” moments in your mind during or after the interview? Maybe you could have provided better responses or asked better questions. It is not the end of the world. Use this experience to make the next interview stronger. Do some additional research and rehearsal for a more focused interview.

The question that haunts everyone after rejection is “but why?” It is possible that there was a candidate with more education, more experience and better qualifications. Or, maybe you were just spared a miserable work environment. We all want to believe that everyone likes us, but it is possible that there was a lack of chemistry during the interview. Would you really want to work for someone that had a negative attitude toward you? Can you imagine the communication problems that would result in the work place?

Although everyone would like the answer to ‘but why?’ accept the fact that you will probably never know the reason for the rejection. You need to move forward. View this as an opportunity to improve, grow and learn. You are in control and you have the option to stay positive. You can go forward stronger and better prepared. The perfect job is waiting for you and may be just an interview away!

Mel Otero, author, worked in management in the mortgage banking industry and title insurance industry for over 25 years. She has been mystery shopping part time for over five years. She has started web sites and written articles to provide information, resources and inspiration during this difficult economy. She loves to write, learn, and share information.