How to Apply For Jobs That Are Not Advertised Online?

If you have searched and applied for jobs online but never got any replies then it is about time you need to know how to apply for jobs that are not advertised online. Most of the employers have already switched to on-line job advertisement but some jobs are still advertised in local newspapers, supermarkets, restaurants and local offices.

First step is to start looking in local newspapers, spread out the words to your family and friends that you are available for work. After finding a job yourself by visiting companies / supermarkets etc or a hint from someone the next step is to apply for it. As long as you meet the criteria, the process is quite simple; you need to let the employer know that you are interested in that position.

There are a number of ways to apply for a job; some companies have an application process so the resume is not necessary while others would like you to submit your resume and a cover letter. A job that can change your life for the better requires a well thought out planning.

An email, a call or a visit to companies asking them about job openings, how to apply for jobs and application process will give you the courage and idea about the company. You might be directed to the hiring manager who will either ask you to come in and fill out an application or ask you to send your resume and cover letter by post or by email. They will also tell you to whom should the letter be addressed.

If they ask you to visit the company and fill out an application form, do not forget to bring original and photocopies of your necessary educational certificates, work experience letters etc with you. Before you visit the company it is a good idea to practice writing punchy paragraphs about your qualifications, skills and work experiences. While filling out an application form inside the company in front of others you have little time to think about the questions and it is best to practice before visiting the company.

If they ask you to send your resume with a covering letter, you must make sure that they are both specific to the job. Your potential employer might have a number of applicants for the job and your covering letter and resume must stand out from all the others.

A badly written cover letter with spelling and grammatical mistakes will not give a first good impression. It is also important to get someone to read your cover letter and resume for mistakes. It is natural that you might miss out your mistakes which the others will point out. Your cover letter must include why you think you are suitable for this job but try to keep it concise and simple.

Once submitted or sent the next step in applying for that job is to follow up. Many employers are not quick in following up. If the job is already filled they might not even get back to you. Sometimes the companies only follow up those candidates who they are interested in and not everyone who applied for the job. Do not feel bad if you do not get a response. You tried your best but that job was not for you.

You might have thought that you were the only perfect candidate for the job but unfortunately in the eyes of the employer you might not. So do not stop and wait after following up, if you get a positive response then keep following up until you get an interview call. Even after interview do not consider yourself hired until you receive a written conformation from that company about the job you are interested in. That is when you know that you are hired.