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Online Jobs and Paid Surveys – Can Teens Under 18 Make Money?

There are hoards of online jobs, but none of them compare to paid surveys and any teens under 18. I’m pretty positive that you have tried many methods and tricks to stack some cash on the net, but how many of them actually panned out? If you are like most individuals, survey websites have been the one thing that has consistently paid you. With that said, let me tell you how paid surveys can be wonderful online jobs for teens under and over 18.

First things first, you need to realize that trying to make money from survey websites is not without it’s downfalls. For every 2 top paying sites, there are a 50 of them them throw pennies at you for your efforts. This is why many men and women stay away from paid surveys as being long term online jobs for teens 18 an under. Everybody winds up with opinions that they are not worth the trouble. The truth is that you “can” make pretty decent money from doing them, but you must be willing to do a little research, just like anything on the net.

If you are not willing to set aside 15-20 minutes to locate the sites that give the most money day after day, then you don’t really want to earn cash in the first place. It’s really that simple. If you want more cash dropped into your pocket, you have to be willing to work for it, even though it’s not hard work. It’s well worth the attempt in the long run and I’ll tell you why, right now. If you did even a little research and found a couple of the better paying sites, you can expect the following: You should receive $1.00 for 4-5 minute survey offers, $3.00 for the 20 minute ones and $5.00 for the 30-35 minute ones. When everything is said and done, it will average about $10.00 and hour, which is not bad at all. When you look for online jobs for teens 18 and under, have you found anything that’ll pay as much as paid surveys? It’s not likely, which is why I still do them even to this day. You can try to keep looking for online jobs for teens 18 and under, or you can begin doing paid surveys after a bit of research.

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