Data Entry Jobs You Can Do At Home

If you’ve got a few typing skills, and you’re interested in working from home, then you may have noticed the number of “Data Entry” jobs that seem to be available online these days. If you’ve looked into any of them, you’ll probably have been surprised by how much money you can apparently earn doing data entry. Wow! It’s far better than a day job. Imagine being able to make several hundred dollars a week, working just thirty minutes a day! Sounds good, right?

Actually, the reality is that the vast majority of so-called Data Entry jobs aren’t jobs at all. And if they’re not downright scams, then they’re very close to it! A lot of these so-called data entry programs aren’t jobs at all, they’re basically just programs teaching you how to promote affiliate sites using AdWords and other contextual advertising programs. Yep, that’s it! And you get to pay $97 to be told how to do it. Do they work as promised? That’s an interesting question. However, for the vast majority of people, the answer’s a resounding “No!”. Once upon a time such strategies may have worked, that’s simply no longer the case.

Other data entry programs you come across may be slightly different. For example, there are the instruction manuals you buy which basically teach you how to re-sell the same instruction manuals thereby generating a profit. Need I say more?

However, there are real data entry jobs available online. However, they’re just that – jobs. They won’t pay you extraordinary amounts of money for a few minutes’ work, but they will enable you to earn an income. You may not initially get enough work to replace a full time income, but if you’re just looking for some extra money, doing data entry work from home is an excellent way to go about it. You can often find data entry work at genuine work from home sites, or from freelancing sites (such as Elance.com, Guru.com or Rentacoder.com, where people who need work done put in requests for bids, and you have the opportunity to make a bid on projects you’re qualified for).

There’s also the opportunity to get an actual job, from a company that wishes to outsource data entry work rather than hire in-house workers. However, such jobs may be difficult to come by, and there is often lots of competition. Nevertheless, if you’re good at what you do, and manage to do all work in a timely and efficient manner, you may find that you can make a good living working from home doing data entry.

The most important thing to remember when looking for data entry work, is to be able to read between the lines of any opportunity. One piece of advice I give anyone looking for work online is that you shouldn’t pay for work! If a company is asking for up-front payment of any sort, no matter how they justify it, then steer clear. A genuine work opportunity doesn’t require any form of up-front payment (unless you are paying to join an employment agency, or paying for membership at a freelance site). If an employer has a job that he or she needs done, they will not ask you to pay for the privilege of doing that job, no matter what. Keep that in mind and you’ll be fine.