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Top Three Most Profitable Online Jobs

If you are anything like me, at one point or another you may have found yourself sitting in your office dumbfounded staring at your coworkers while the fluorescent lighting is literally killing every creative bone in your body. The clock doesn’t seem to be clicking away fast enough and you just find yourself daydreaming about what else is out there….the elusive “perfect job”. If you’re also anything like me, you have been rightfully skeptical of the get-rich and “be your own boss” schemes that have graced the never-ending Web Pages of the Internet. Listed below however, are the top three (and proven) methods of how to earn a living working online.

#1: Freelance Work: There are multiple sites available online that allow a freelance writer or programmer to earn a living by being creative. For example, if you have a certain way with words or perhaps an expertise in HTML, companies all over the world are looking for you to help maintain their website. Best of all they are willing to pay decent money for decent work.

#2: Online Auctions and Sales: Sites like eBay.com and Amazon.com bring new meaning to the idiom “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Not-so-common household items and little treasures can mean big bucks when you sell them on online auction and sales sites.

#3: Posting Ads: Large online corporations don’t have time to come up with millions of different advertisements to keep their ad content fresh and new. Once you register with one of these readily available companies, you can begin posting keyword specific ads for them. These keyword-rich ads will be specific to the product or services the provide. Some of the companies even offer an additional payment to you for gauging how many times your ad is clicked. More clicks equals more profit for them which, in turn, is more profit for you!