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An Internet Presence Can Help You Land A Job

An Internet presence can help you land a job. By having visible content in your control ranking on the first page of Google when someone does a search on your name, you can absolutely put yourself ahead of anyone else you might be competing with for a job opportunity.

A June 12, 2006 ExecuNet Press Release (

) stated:

“According to a recent survey of 100 executive recruiters conducted by ExecuNet, the leading executive job search and recruiting network, 77% use search engines to learn more about candidates. Of those who use sites such as Google (GOOG) and Yahoo! (YHOO) to check the background of job seekers, 35% have eliminated a candidate from consideration based on the information uncovered online – up significantly from 26% just one year ago.”

And that’s just recruiters. Do you think an executive hiring authority does this during a recruiting process with respect to the candidates they are looking at investing time into interviewing?

The problem that many executives have with their Internet presence is all that surfaces are press release quotes (if they have anything surfacing at all). Press release quotes really don’t do anything to showcase your unique executive value proposition or subject matter expertise.

This is easy to fix if you have access to the right tools and are willing to spend a little time writing.

By publishing blogs and articles on high traffic frequently indexed sites like Ecademy, EzineArticles, et al. you can create and drive content in your control showcasing your unique executive value proposition and subject matter expertise. This content will often rise above the press release quotes in Google ranking when someone searches on your name. You can also drive and associate the same content with relevant keyword phrases pertaining to the industry and/or market niches you live in.

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