Job Hunting – Using Your 30 Second Commercial to Find a Job

Warning Signs- If it looks too good to be true- It Probably Is.

The two most common types of job seeking scams involve getting you to supply your bank details; or getting you to supply your private data so that it can be passed on to unauthorized third parties:

1) Phishing scams- Sites will collect a raft of your details such as your email address, maiden name, security questions, passport numbers etc. Legitimate recruitment sites will always let you know why your data is being collected and will have policies in place to ensure the protection of your data. Look for privacy policies normally at in the website footer. They will also expressly obtain your permission if they intend to pass your info onto any related third parties.

A scam website will collect your details for the sole purpose of selling it on to other companies, most likely wholly unrelated to the recruitment industry. Whereas a legitimate recruitment site might ask its users whether they can pass their details on to their trusted partners, such as sites offering CV advice or other jobs websites; a phishing scam site will sell your details to the highest bidder, without your permission and without telling you they are doing it.

Sites like this may ask you to provide your details because they have job vacancies available currently, but when you enter your details it says that the positions have been filled. They will then use your information to sell to other companies who might use the info obtained to spam you, or, more seriously, for identity theft.

2) Guaranteed employment for a fee- Scammers have been known to pose as recruitment agencies. They will email you and guarantee that they will find you work, in exchange for an upfront fee. As soon as you have supplied your bank details or transferred the money, you will hear nothing else. Whereas legitimate recruitment websites may have specialised services that benefit the jobseeker, for which they may charge a fee; such as professional CV writing, a jobs website will never charge their users in order to apply for a job, or guarantee someone work, for an upfront payment.

Overseas jobseekers are a target for recruitment scams as they are asked to pay an upfront fee for 'visa arrangements' or 'travel costs'- which again is not something a genuine recruitment agency would request via email. Legitimate agencies are likely to be registered with the REC; a representative body for the UK's recruitment industry which acts to raise recruitment standards and to enforce certain codes of practice within the recruitment industry. They also offer jobseekers advice on how to keep your personal info safe when job seeking. See the website for more details.

If you see any of the following warning signs- then you need to be aware that they may be scams:

* Jobs offering you hefty wage packets for doing minimal work.

Check their contact details. If there is a phone number on the email, check it against the website of the company. Try and speak to someone directly: it is likely that scam job sites will try and avoid personal contact, and if you can't contact someone via telephone or find a registered business address then be careful. Check the 'terms and conditions' or the 'about us' sections of a website to find the registered company address. You can also lookup all registered UK businesses that are legally operating by visiting the Companies House website.

* You are being offered a job that you haven't applied for- this is likely to be a scam. If you are applying for lots of jobs, write down all the jobs you have applied for to be sure, don't get caught out by this common phishing scam.

* You receive an email with a job opportunity but it is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors- be aware that this is a common sign of a scam. The odd spelling error doesn't make you a criminal, but look carefully at the correspondence, judge the content, the spelling and if it all seems a bit fishy... leave well alone.

Protect Yourself. You are entitled to request references from a company so you can check that they are a legitimate business. Utilise the power of Google - search for the company who contacted you. Add the word 'scam' to your search to see if you get any results. See what kinds of things are being said online- if no-one has heard of them or the things they say are bad- then be careful.

Visit the company's own website. Check the URL, check the info they say about the company- does it match any info you already know? Check for contact information, does it look professional? Look for the privacy policy of the site and the terms and conditions- make sure a) they have one, and b) that it protects your data from third parties. Do not give out bank account details, PayPal account details or credit card numbers to an 'employer' over the Internet. A legitimate recruiter would not be charging to hire you, so never transfer money to an employer. Do not send scans of your passport or driving licence to anyone via the Internet as this is an easy way to induce identity theft.

Most professionals today know that they need a great 30 second commercial-or elevator speech-to effectively gather new business. But what about job hunters? Can a well-crafted 30 second commercial increase a job seeker’s chances of finding a new position? Absolutely! Used in both networking situations and in job interviews, your commercial succinctly conveys what you have accomplished in the past, and what you can do for a future employer.
While you are out of work, when asked in a social situation what it is you do for a living, instead of mumbling that you were recently laid off, give the inquirer your elevator speech. You never know who might be in a position to introduce you to your next employer. And once they hear you confidently profess how you helped your last company and what you are looking to do next, they will be happy to assist if they can.
In a job interview, more often than not the first question asked is something like, “Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself?” Rather than spouting off the names of your pets and your penchant for piano playing, hit them with your 30 second commercial. Voila! You are off to a great start.
There are four items you must address in a job hunting elevator speech. The first is a sentence summarizing your post high school education. And remember your grammar: a male graduate of a particular university is an alumnus, a female is an alumna. Don’t worry if you didn’t graduate, but don’t bring that point up either. Do mention if you graduated with honors or won any awards. Leave out the year you graduated unless it is recent or anticipated.
The next section is a brief synopsis of your professional career. This should be no more than two to three quick sentences or your audience might tune you out. Mention only what is relevant. If your previous job title was similar, state it. If it was senior or junior to the position you are seeking, leave it out and offer, “I’ve worked in industry XYZ for 13 years.”
The third section of your 30 second commercial is the most critical, and also the hardest for many people to craft. Here is where you mention one of your favorite accomplishments. Again, brevity is crucial. Give the problem, how you solved it, and the outcome as clearly as you can.
The wrap up of your elevator speech should let the listener know what job you are seeking.
Here is an example of a polished 30 second commercial:
I graduated summa cum laude from Regis University with a BS in Economics and a minor in Math. For the last fifteen years I’ve worked for various investment banks and I managed the regional hub office for Piper and Piper, supervising more than 40 employees. When I accepted the position the office had a profitability of 10%. I recognized three areas where efficiency could be improved and implemented gradual changes. In less than two years the office reached a profitability of 30%. I’m currently looking to use my experience in management directing an office of a mid to large size company.
Does a 30 second commercial have to be rattled off in 30 seconds? Your listener will never pull out a stop watch. The name does suggest, however, that it should be brief and a good guideline is one minute or less.
Practice your commercial in front of the mirror until you have it memorized. Then practice it on friends and family. It might feel a little awkward at first; after all, we’re conditioned not to toot our own horns. Soon, however, you’ll give it comfortably, taking the first step to using networking as a powerful tool in your job search.

Work At Home Writing – A Top Home Employment Choice

Most college students seek employment opportunities during the summer. They do this for two primary reasons:

- To earn money for college

- To gain experience in their field of study

Because college is extremely expensive, finding work during the summer is a priority for students today. If the student attends a community college, the money earned from summer employment may represent a significant portion of their tuition and books. The expense of attending a four year college, either public and private, can be much higher, so summer earnings may only cover a small portion of the total cost. However, paying as much as possible "as you go" is always preferable to coming out of college with a larger debt than necessary.

Other students are more interested in gaining experience in their chosen field of work. They initially limit their summer job search to employers that meet their requirements. If they are successful, their summer job will give them some real world work experience that is directly related to the work they will seek after graduation. In that case, success on the job may lead to full time work in their field after graduation, often with the same employer.

However, students should have four goals for their summer jobs:

1. Learn something new

2. Grow by accepting responsibility

3. Contribute to the goals of the organization

4. Build relationships with the people at work

Learn Something - Students should view their summer job as an opportunity to learn something new. The job may provide the opportunity to operate computers and equipment, write, speak, negotiate, sell, purchase, supervise, work with job-related technology and meet the needs and expectations of a supervisor. They will begin learn about life skills such as: deadlines, quality, money, people, problem-solving and goals.

Accept Responsibility - If a student is willing to accept responsibility and show their supervisor that they are reliable, they become more valuable to that organization. When people know that they can count on an employee to get something done, meet the deadline or prevent a problem, that employee gains respect from others, builds trust and adds value.

Contribute - The best employees have a clear understanding of organizational goals and do their best to see that those goals are met or exceeded. They actively look for ways to make something better, are willing to help other employees, contribute ideas, exhibit creativity in problem-solving situations and work hard to improve productivity, quality and customer service.

Build Relationships - Building good relationships with the people who work within the company should be a goal of every employee. Summer employees who can be trusted, do a good job, help other employees, are good listeners and take the time to get to know needs and wants of other people are laying the groundwork for building solid relationships. People who like and trust one another are more likely to work well as a team and find enjoyment in their work. They may someday help the students who worked in summer positions to find a job after graduation or serve as an enthusiastic reference.

Summer employment should be viewed not only as a job where students can earn some money for college, those same summer jobs give students the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and gain the experiences that can impress future employers and graduate schools. If students achieve these four goals, they are likely to lay the groundwork for future employment opportunities.

by Bob Roth

The "College & Career Success" Coach

If you love to write and you are good at it, a work at home writing business may be ideal for you. Writing opportunities are everywhere and good writers are always in demand. The internet alone has created an incredible demand for work at home writers.
Writing a great romance novel may be the type of writing you would like to do, but the most profitable home employment writing assignments involve the exact opposite, business writing. There is a type of business writing to suit the skills of every writer seeking home employment.
Common business writing opportunities include:
, or sales letters, are always in demand from advertising agencies, corporations, and even non-profit organizations seeking donations. If you can write a persuasive letter, convincing people to take action and buy a product or send in a donation, copywriting may be the most lucrative form of business writing for you.
, or search engine optimized content, is in great demand. SEO content, also known as keyword articles, help websites get targeted traffic and customers with articles containing phrases searched for on the internet. SEO articles provide the information internet searchers are looking for, gaining targeted customers for websites and giving searchers the information, product, or service they desire.
are profitable for work at home writers when written for a client. They can also be profitable when you write and sell them for yourself. Many people like buying e-books online because they can instantly get the information they seek instead of waiting days for the delivery of an actual physical book.
help job seekers get hired, but not everyone can write a good resume. If you can write effective resumes, especially for people applying for high paying corporate positions, this home employment field could be a wise choice for you.
opportunities also include business plans, annual reports, ghost writing, newsletters, grant proposals, brochures, web pages, direct mail packages, press releases, and more.
At the very least, to start a work at home writing business, you will need a computer with an internet connection, an e-mail account, a printer, word processing software, a telephone, and a good dictionary and thesaurus.
Through the internet and freelance websites, writers working from home are not just limited to writing jobs in their local area. Freelance websites allow writers to find endless assignments and market their services world wide.
Before pursuing a writing business as a home employment opportunity, honestly evaluate your skills. If you feel you need to take a writing course to confidently promote your business, do so. Include details about your extra training on your website and resume.
Do not take on too many assignments until you can accurately predict how long it will take to complete a project. You should realistically set completion dates and never miss a deadline.
Take a little time every day to market your business and keep in touch with past clients. If a past client is happy with your performance, they will most likely hire you repeatedly instead of pursuing other options.
By following these guidelines and always delivering the quality of work that your customers ask for, you should have no problem achieving success in a work at home writing business. The demand for this home employment field continues to grow every day, so get out there and grab your share of the market.

Angie’s List – How To Find Local Contractors

There are huge benefits to getting a job, no matter how well or under paid, over not having a job at all, and claiming benefits from the government and most of all, your peers' taxes. Often there is a circumstance where receiving benefits will give you more money than if you actually went out to work. This may be the case in some instances, however having a job will bring you some many more benefits other than money.

Gaining a job gives you huge experiences, not only in the professional capacity of the workplace, but the social also. Going to work every morning and performing new tasks and interacting with others will make you eager to learn and improve your skills in order to compete with colleagues and competitors.

A job also obviously gives you money, and a lot more than the money you would receive from claiming benefits.

Through a job you will gain confidence as you will be experiencing all sorts of different things each day. From meeting new people, having to be professional, and learning new skills. All these things will help you grow in confidence as you develop and make these skills your own.

Having a job, rather than claiming benefits will gain you respect from others. People will like the fact that you are out, working hard to earn your money, rather than sitting back and taking handouts.

When you eventually do want to get a job, you will have a gap on your CV which employers will want to know about. Claiming benefits unless for a substantial reason will be frowned upon and may lead to not being able to obtain employment or at least having difficulty to.

Ultimately, having a job will give you the feeling of self worth. It is a far better feeling to know you have earned the money yourself, and worked hard for it, rather than taking it from other peoples taxes. It will bring you a higher level of self esteem and make you feel encouraged, the fact that you've earned that money yourself and really deserve it.

Angie’s List is among the premiere sites around assisting consumers to connect with many professionals that they may need. Apart from finding lawyers, doctors and various other professionals, the website enables users to find local contractors. What to expect when you are using this website?
For starters, you will discover that over one million registered users take advantage of the website often and provide helpful feedback about local contractors. This web site is easy and simple to use. There are a number of options on the main page, which includes a quick tour feature to help new users become familiar with how the site works. There is a certified data selection process on this site for accuracy and practicality when it comes to reviews in every listing; support from live call center; assistance if anything goes wrong with contractors and in contrast to several other review websites, there are no anonymous reviews on the site.
This service is the ideal solution for individuals looking for a professional, whether or not it’s a plumber to fix a leaky faucet or even a general contractor for home improvement projects, because of the site’s community and reliable customer support.
Easy and simple to use
Support when problems arise in the course of any project
Live call center service
Paid membership ensures accurate details for contractors
Reliable, accurate reviews and feedback for contractors supplied by real customers
Paid membership will be required to view the listings
Business owners are not allowed to add their businesses
For-profit business
Even though business owners may be miffed because they are unable to add a listing or review for their own company on Angie’s List, they have to understand that this is not the objective of the website. This site was designed to enable consumers to publish bad and good experiences. Whilst the paid membership may be an unexpected cost for many users, it leads to beneficial information and they will be able to pay for its overtime.
Users are able to rate their own experiences, find the best service for their requirements and do this without having to be worried about getting paid advertisements. Although this may be a setback for companies, it will help to guarantee that all reviews are accurate.
Final remark:
Nearly all users discover that it’s simple to use Angie’s List, once the preliminary signup is over. But, remember that to use the website you have to sign up for one of the membership options.

Tips For Choosing an Effective Job Search Site

If you are reading this post, that already tells me that you are somewhat savvy. You either spend time on various social networking sites or are just a fan of blogs and enjoy gathering as much info as you can. If that is the case, then you have probably been bombarded lately with the plethora of job search advice. What to do, what not to do, where to go, who to follow, etc.-the amount of advice is overwhelming.

And as one of many in that vast sea of free wisdom, I can tell you that most of it is pretty good. Conducting a targeted approach using personal/professional contacts with an accomplishments-based resume is the right idea.

Nevertheless, there always seems to be that one person (or few persons) who bucks the system, who defies the professionals, and comes out with the great job anyway.

The resume stinks. The cover letter is nonexistent. The person doesn't use any of the trendy tools like social networks or blogs. He or she barely even seems to put forth much effort, and yet, here the amazing offer seems to just come his or her way.

And here you are currently plugging away at your job search, trying to do all the "right" things, and now wondering whether this advice is really worth it after all.

Listen. It is definitely true that job hunting is not a science; it is more like playing a game of odds. The odds are shown to be better if you do X, Y, and Z. The reason is because, frankly, people are involved. And whenever you are relying on people, there is that element of chance. What turns one person on can turn another off. As you know, life doesn't offer many guarantees (remember that death and taxes cliché?), and a job search is no exception.

So where does that leave you? You've followed all the rules. You're friend didn't. He's working, and your not.

Of course the variables in this scenario are numerous. Are you going for the same jobs? Are you living in the same area? Do you have the same skill sets?

But even with all that, your friend is still in the minority. For most people, taking that job search gamble often causes them to come up short.

The trick is to put your best foot forward and implement a well-organized strategy for your search but combine that with what makes you unique-you! Sometimes in trying to do everything "right," we lose sight of who we are. We almost get lost in creating an image that we have a hard time fulfilling. That's where our friend typically has it right. So find a way to strike that balance, and hey, keep looking up! The odds are in your favor.

There are loads of online job search sites available. The key to successful job hunting is to know the right sites to apply in. Short listing the effective job search websites is an important exercise which most of us under value. Uploading your resume anywhere and everywhere is not going to help. You don’t want to make an online presence; you want to get jobs matching your criteria. And targeting them through the right websites is the first step.
Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind while choosing an effective job search site.
1. Give importance to the site popularity. Register yourself with not just the top ranking but also the fastest growing job search portal. The higher the traffic, the more you are going to get noticed.
2. Choose an integrated job search site which gathers postings from various job search engines and company websites. You can get all information in one place and hence save time and energy.
3. Give importance to the resume uploading facility. Ensure that the process is easy, instant and safe.
4. Lay emphasis on the search process. Does it allow you to search jobs via various parameters such as industry, location, years of experience, level of job etc? Ensure that the job search process is easy and precise.
5. Check the site not just as a job seeker but also as a recruiter. After all, it’s the recruiters you need to appeal to. It is important to judge the appeal of the job search site to the recruiters also.
6. Check how often companies are posting job requirements. Any good website would always mention the job posting date, so that you do not waste time applying for a job posted months earlier. The relevancy and the frequency of updating jobs are important criterion.
7. Give preference to sites with greater interactivity. Look out for blogs, forums or other interactive platforms within the job search website.
8. Check out for tools offered by the site enabling better management of your search. These may include flagging off, getting job alerts and notifications, facility for easy and fast uploading of resumes and simpler management console.
9. Check if the job search site offers something extra. That is, it goes beyond the actual services of recruitment. These may include stuff like company reviews and online networking platforms.
10. Check for privacy and safety of the job site. You definitely do not want to take any risks. Ensure that they are not using your email id to spam. Always read the privacy policy before short listing the search website.
Ensure that you check on the above factors before you short list the job search sites to register with. The site should satisfy the basic criteria of convenience, accessibility, easy management, interactivity, safety and other add on benefits.

5 Things to Avoid Saying When Applying For Security Jobs on Craigslist

Would you like to start your own work from home online freelancing business? Perhaps you're not sure what services to offer! There are many different types of services that people are looking for and that they are willing to pay someone else to do.

To help you get started finding the right service to offer, here are some of the different freelancing services that people are willing to pay for.

One: Articles - There are many Internet business owners that are always in need of more articles. They will gladly hire someone to write for them because they don't have the time or knowledge to do it.

Two: Blogs - Many people want to start a blog, but don't have the first clue about how to set one up. This is something you can quickly learn how to do and then provide this service to others. They will definitely pay for this service because it saves them time from having to learn how to do it themselves.

Three: Websites - There are a lot of people that want websites built, but again they don't have any clue how to do it. If you have the skill to build any type of website, then this is definitely a skill that can be used as a freelancer online to make good money.

Four: Copywriting - There are many people online that are looking for good copywriters. Not everyone is skillful at this, so if you are you can get people to pay you for this service.

Five: Social marketing sites - These days, social marketing online is a very effective method to use for marketing any business. A lot of business owners don't want to learn how to build sites for each social marketing site, or they don't have time, so they will hire someone to do this for them.

These are just a few of the services people come online looking to hire someone to do. Why not put your business online together and start offering them your services? If you have the talent for it, you can definitely make really good money doing this type of business online.

Before deciding on the service your online freelance business will offer make sure you are skillful at it. You don't want to offer a service online if you can't offer a service of value. People are looking for quality services on the Internet and not just junk.

If you want to apply for a security job, you may find yourself at Depending on your location, you may find a lot of security jobs posted. These can be positions for private security guards, mall security guards, bouncers, and security system installers. When applying for a security job you saw posted on Craigslist, what phrases should you avoid using?
Avoid: I have a criminal record.
Unfortunately, this puts you in a tough spot. You don’t want to lie, but a criminal record makes it basically impossible for you to get a job in security. The only exception to this is when security companies hire known criminals to get information behind the scenes (like learn the most common way to break into a home), but this is rare.
Avoid: I know lots of criminals so it would be easy for me to spot them.
You think this phrase sounds good when applying for a job as mall cop, but you fall flat on your face. Yes, you know criminals and it may be easier for you to spot the “type,” but many what-ifs will pop into the mind of the hiring manager. What if your friends flock to see you at work? What if you let your friends steal? What if you are in on it?
Avoid: I know how to use a gun.
Unless the Craigslist job ad specifically mentions it, it is best to leave gun use right off your resume. It would appear that you are trying to boast yourself to be big and bad. Plus, there is a better way to explain gun use. For example, “I took a firearms training course at XXXX in May 2009.”
Avoid: I lift weights.
It is nice to know that you lift weights, because weightlifters often translate into physically fit and strong individuals, but this is the wrong phrase to use. A hiring manager could care less about your daily workout routine. You shouldn’t put your physical description on a job resume, but if you were to mention it, say something along the lines of “active and fit.”
Avoid: I think I would make a good XXXX.
Whether you are applying for the position of a bouncer, private security guard, mall security officer, or alarm installer, never use the phrase “I think.” For starters, you aren’t displaying much confidence in yourself, so why should the hiring manager? You shouldn’t think you would make a good bouncer; you should know. Moreover, this phrase makes it seem like you would rather being doing something else (like working in an office). Hiring companies don’t want security personnel who are settling for whatever comes their way.

Writing Jobs Are Available In Various Forms

Interested in taking online surveys but not sure if you should? Here some tips that will help keep your personal information safe, and will help you reap the rewards of being an online surveys panelist.

1. Register only with online survey panels that list a privacy policy on their website

2. Look for panels approved by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and that have privacy policies reviewed by TRUSTe or features the WebTrust for Online Privacy Seal of Assurance.

3. Beware of "survey websites" asking you to receive information for special offers and other survey panels during registration - these websites may sell your name and information to other companies that will send you spam.

4. Always set up a separate e-mail account exclusively for survey invitations. This will make it easier for you to see how many surveys you have received, and will avoid spam being sent to your personal e-mail address, should you make a mistake and register with an unreputable surveys website.

5. Beware of "survey websites" that ask for overtly personal information such as your bank account information, credit card numbers, full names of family members, etc. A real online market research company would never ask you to provide this type of information.

6. Be cautious of "get rich quick" websites. You cannot get rich taking online surveys. However, you can make a decent amount of cash on the side participating in surveys.

7. Legitimate online survey e-mail invitations will provide information on the type of study being conducted, the survey length, and the incentive for completion. Do not respond or click on e-mail "survey invitations" that feature ads to win products, cash, etc. These e-mails are not coming from legitimate market research companies!

8. Some research companies will ask you to download software after registration. This software usually tracks your web browsing habits and the information is then sent to marketers. It is OK to download this software if you can verify a legitimate market research firm is running the site - do your homework to make sure that this is indeed the case.

9. Look for mentions of marketing association memberships on survey panel websites. Reputable associations include CASRO (Council of American Survey Research Organizations) and the AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research).

10. Your opinion counts! Marketers truly are interested in what you think, enough to reward you with cash and prizes just for sharing your thoughts. Stay cautious when registering with online survey panels, but when you've found a reputable panel - have fun and reap the rewards of being a panellist!

Writing is one of the best ways to bring out an individual’s creativity. With the power of pen, writers have moved governments, started political revolutions and written wonderful love stories. The point that we are trying to make is, writing can say it all. If writing is something that interests you, then you can take it up as a profession. Writing jobs are available in various forms. It all depends upon what kind of work you are interested in.
You may be interested in writing novels, short stories, articles, copywriting, resume or any other form of writing. For each of these categories there are assignments available. It needs to be noted that the best way to start off with a writing job is to hunt work over the Internet. There are online portals where different kinds of writing jobs are available. A good idea would be to start of with shorter versions of writing such as web content writing. These writings do not require a publisher to publish your work and if you can deliver quality you can begin a long term career in writing. Web content writing requires a writer to write short articles, reviews, and blogs to be published on a website. The articles are short and the word count varies between 200-800 words. If you have a strong command over language and a certain degree of research capabilities, this is one of the easiest ways to start earning money from a writing job.
Students at graduate levels often require help to edit their term papers and essays. There are portals which take up these jobs and execute them to perfection. If you have competencies in any particular subject you can enroll yourself as a writer in any of the portals and start getting jobs. If you can deliver the job to the client’s satisfaction then you can start earning handsome money. If you are interested in short story writing and novels you need to hunt for a publisher who is ready to publish your stories in print. There are online publishing portals which also publish stories and try to market them on behalf of the writers.
Writing jobs are also published on the many online national newspapers. You need to look in the job postings section to find writing jobs which match your skills. You can also join online Internet newsgroup or message boards which helps you to connect with other writers and get leads. The chances of getting a writing job are higher if you can display some previous experience in the job that you are applying. There are a number of ways in which you can gain writing experience. Some of them are submitting articles to online magazines and forums. A writing job helps you to develop a broader knowledge base apart from the monetary benefits that you gain.

Independent Baptist Churches Looking for Pastors

Everyone in business knows that successful businesses strive to "do it once and do it right." This is the best approach to not only the services and products provided but also to the management of staff and the policies and procedures that are needed to support them. If you are an employer avoid employment disputes by doing it once and doing it right.

It is important for your business to have relevant policies, procedures and employment agreements. You also need to know the processes you need to follow when managing your staff. While you are the expert on the services you provide or the products you make or sell, you are not the expert on employment law, policies and procedures. When it comes to these things you need the best legal advice and support you can get. It makes good financial sense to do so because if you don't do things correctly, employment disputes can occur costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

As an employer, you are required to have a written employment agreement with all your employees. While there are employment agreement you might find on line, they are about as useful as an unadjustable spanner. It might not fit and if you try to make it fit you can reckon on getting it wrong. The agreement should lay out the rights and obligations of both parties as well as the nature of the employment relationship, rates of pay and hours of work.

Your agreement should cover the different types of employment relationships such as probationary, full time, part time, casual and temporary. It is also useful to include a disiplinary process and the processes for dismissal, restructuring, redundancy and employment disputes' resolution. They need to be written in plain English and in the 21st century you should get an electronic agreement with relevant links as well as a hard copy. Both parties should seek legal advice before signing the agreement.

It is important for you to provide the advisor with all information on your business in order for the agreements to be tuned to your business needs. This includes providing all existing employment arrangements and any special terms and conditions you may need such as intellectual property protections and post employment restraints of trade. Use your time with them to discuss how best to avoid employment disputes.

To prevent employment disputes, employ the services of a a legal advisor who specialises in employment law. The services they provide should be done once and right. Unfortunately even the best systems, agreements and advice cannot eliminate the human element and therefore the risk of there being employment disputes remains. But at least you know that if you have the best, the risk is low and the better you are placed to make the business grow.

There has become a growing demand for pastors due to the independent Baptist churches looking for pastors. There are a few requirements that they would need to meet before taking the lead of a church. Not only do those pastors need a spiritual calling, the ability to lead spiritually, they need to be leaders and to be able to handle administrative responsibilities.
Finding the right pastor may take some time but with the right leader, the church should grow to be a successful part of the community. The church plays a very important role in most communities. It assists in different charitable responsibilities such as bill assistance and food banks. The church is a very important part in most communities. The right leader is essential for the church’s success.
Joining a Baptist Network
This is a network of the Baptist associations. Usually the churches stick together for support in their times of need. Getting involved with the network would allow you to find available pastors and independent Baptist churches looking for pastors. It would allow communications between the two to help the selection process go more smoothly. The network is set up so that there will be assistance and accountability for the new pastors. Support is essential from the church team while undergoing the integration of a new pastor in their church. Using all of the resources available will make the selection process a success.
Independent Baptist Church Jobs
Not only are the pastors in Baptist churches in high demand, there are other ministries lacking at these churches. There might be a need for a youth development team to help ensure the children’s program is running smoothly. Also, there might be a need for an office administrator to assist with the daily business the church. The music ministry might be another key element of a job that takes special attention. All of these tasks could be facilitated by the lead Baptist pastor. Therefore, not only does the pastor have the responsibility to preach, but they need the ability to facilitate everyday business at their church.
Bible Churches that are Seeking Pastors
Most churches use the traditional denomination titles, but there are some that want to be only known as a bible church. These are independent, non-denominational churches that seem to follow the bible in their every day life. They only want a preacher and teacher that teaches strictly on the principles of the bible. Independent Baptist churches looking for pastors might consider a pastor who is living and teaching directly from the bible. By doing this, they would guarantee that the preacher has the principles they would need to lead their church. Great character and strong discipline are very important qualities that independent Baptist churches looking for pastors should keep in mind.
Making the decision on which pastor candidate to select is one of the most important decisions a church will face. The decision making process should be thorough and precise. Multiple interviews and sample preaching should occur, making sure that the church has the right leader ensures the success and happiness of the church and its congregation.

Online Typing Jobs – Read This If You Want to Keep Your Money

Writing is one of the best ways to bring out an individual's creativity. With the power of pen, writers have moved governments, started political revolutions and written wonderful love stories. The point that we are trying to make is, writing can say it all. If writing is something that interests you, then you can take it up as a profession. Writing jobs are available in various forms. It all depends upon what kind of work you are interested in.

You may be interested in writing novels, short stories, articles, copywriting, resume or any other form of writing. For each of these categories there are assignments available. It needs to be noted that the best way to start off with a writing job is to hunt work over the Internet. There are online portals where different kinds of writing jobs are available. A good idea would be to start of with shorter versions of writing such as web content writing. These writings do not require a publisher to publish your work and if you can deliver quality you can begin a long term career in writing. Web content writing requires a writer to write short articles, reviews, and blogs to be published on a website. The articles are short and the word count varies between 200-800 words. If you have a strong command over language and a certain degree of research capabilities, this is one of the easiest ways to start earning money from a writing job.

Students at graduate levels often require help to edit their term papers and essays. There are portals which take up these jobs and execute them to perfection. If you have competencies in any particular subject you can enroll yourself as a writer in any of the portals and start getting jobs. If you can deliver the job to the client's satisfaction then you can start earning handsome money. If you are interested in short story writing and novels you need to hunt for a publisher who is ready to publish your stories in print. There are online publishing portals which also publish stories and try to market them on behalf of the writers.

Writing jobs are also published on the many online national newspapers. You need to look in the job postings section to find writing jobs which match your skills. You can also join online Internet newsgroup or message boards which helps you to connect with other writers and get leads. The chances of getting a writing job are higher if you can display some previous experience in the job that you are applying. There are a number of ways in which you can gain writing experience. Some of them are submitting articles to online magazines and forums. A writing job helps you to develop a broader knowledge base apart from the monetary benefits that you gain.

With the current economic climate becoming more and more volatile, millions of people are looking for new jobs. Online typing jobs are becoming increasingly popular as people who have lost their jobs are being forced to look into new opportunities. Unfortunately this industry is littered with the bones of thousands upon thousands of people who have been scammed and taken advantage of by online typing jobs. This article will explain a little bit about this phenomenon and how to avoid losing your precious time and money.
Online typing jobs seem like the perfect job. Many of the sites claim to be able to teach you a “secret technique” or system that will have you earning US$500 /day for doing nothing but typing information into computers. This is simply not true. What’s more is these sites will always be asking for a fee to be paid up front before you begin your work. They try to justify this payment in a lot of sneaky ways. For example if your ever asked to pay a fee to join a company like this to show how committed you are, you can be sure that it is a scam.
Another technique these scam sites like to take advantage of is the limited offer. They will claim that they have recently dropped their price to cope with a huge demand and that there is only a few spots left for you to get into. This is a complete lie, I urge you if you ever encounter one of these offers to stop what your doing and at least wait one day before you make a decision. If you come back tomorrow that offer will not have changed and the power of that technique will be useless against you. So many of these online typing jobs scams are taking people’s money because we rush our decision, exactly like they want us to.
Something else you should pay attention to is the design and layout of the web site. Typically online typing jobs web sites will have pictures of luxury cars, boats and houses. Although these images might seem blunt and obvious they are very effective at triggering our subconscious to relate this web site and it’s offer with our ideas of wealth and freedom. Legitimate work from home typing job web sites will not look like this at all. They will be very professional and if anything they will be a bit boring, just like the job itself.
Speaking of the job, if your still determined to try and find one of these jobs, they do exist but they are very hard to get. Make your way past all the scams and your left with a much smaller pool of legitimate sites and companies. These companies are rarely if ever accepting applications because as I mentioned the demand for these jobs is very high. Countries in Asia that are developing rapidly and moving into the technological era and spewing forth millions of people who are willing to do these jobs for a much lower cost.
I hope that I have at least shed some light on online typing jobs and the dangers you will face if you pursue these jobs. I too was looking for online typing jobs and never found what I was looking for. If your disheartened right now that’s OK because there is another option, it’s called Internet Marketing and anyone can do it and make a lot of money if you work hard. By a lot I mean US $10,000+/day, this could take a while to get to but you would do the work for that money wouldn’t you?

Starting a Job Search: Factors to Consider

The developed world maintains many types of project, including continuation, decommissioning and environmental work, much of which is implemented by some of the industry's leading companies, who are diversifying into new markets. Factors such as tourism and the continuing rise in the global population have increased the demand for housing, commercial buildings, high-rise constructions, industrial processing plants and new and improved transport infrastructures.

New markets are arising in countries with unused natural resources. Countries such as South Africa, South America and Russia are providing budding opportunities in this area, whilst countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai are plowing billions of pounds worth of investment into housing, hospitals as well as residential and tourist developments. Other industries are having a positive effect on the construction industry; India has achieved an almost overnight success within its IT sector. As outsourcing and the off-shoring of international business have grown in conjunction with the development of this IT industry so, too, has the demand for commercial, residential and retail constructions. China is also offering substantial opportunities for jobs in construction as its changing infrastructure demands new housing and power developments.

UK qualifications are well-respected worldwide by construction recruitment organizations, offering British workers considerable opportunities to work overseas. Whilst overseas project tend to favour more experienced graduates, many multinational companies will readily take on more-recently qualified graduates into their ranks. Contracts overseas can mean long periods of time away from the UK and, in some cases, working longer hours than UK contracts stipulate. However, in these circumstances, many companies offer employees additional pay allowances and extra money to assist the costs of intermittent flights back to Britain. Many consider this to be a career for single people, as the long periods away from home and the frequent lack of facilities to cope with dependents often take a toll on married couples or those in relationships.

Construction jobs overseas require a variety of employees with a variety of skills, such as site managers, site engineers, plant engineers, electricians, quantity surveyors, structural engineers, store managers, finance personnel, personnel managers, catering staff and procurement managers. Working abroad can also present language and cultural challenges, whilst trying to oversee a large build, but this leaves extra room for graduates to use their qualifications to their best advantage.

Of course, British engineers and specialists are not confined to finding construction jobs overseas; with the advent of the 2012 Olympics in the UK. Since 2006, the Olympic Committee has been sourcing the best candidates for the required builds and competition between companies is fierce for the relevant contracts. As the Games approach, there will be more and more opportunities for qualified candidates to consider making their mark on British soil, as well as taking into account the benefits offered by working overseas. The Olympics are being heralded as a showcase for the talents of UK construction companies, which is hoped to generate further work abroad.

Looking for a job is overwhelming for almost every job seeker. You may feel confused about various factors such as what salary you should demand to the next employer, whether you should accept a freelance job opportunity or no, what type of work culture are you expecting in the next organization, so on and so forth. If you hastily jumped into a job search and do not consider these factors well before you seek a change or accept a job offer, you may land up in distress and soon will have to start your job search again. Hence, consider a few vital factors, before you enter the job hunting process. Well for building your student resume, refer to a sample student resume and be ready with yours.
Read on to see the suggestions given to help you not just in finding the right job and career for you, but also to decide what exactly is a perfect career or job for you.
Factors to Consider before Starting Job Search
Regular Job or Freelancer
The economy is growing fast and the freelancer concept is in the current trends. You will have to decide, whether or not you are interested in a freelance job or online job. Some advantages it gives you is time flexibility, work from home liberty, and less routine expenditure. However, if you are not in for it and want to take up a regular job, a real world job, you should restrict your job search accordingly.
Corporate Culture or a Casual Work Environment
Many factors affect whether we like our job or not, work environment and work culture stand in the list. Do you wish to be in a company that follows strict corporate culture, a strict dress code, etc. or do you wish to be in a company that offers you opportunity to be in casual outfits and has a casual work environment too. It is important that you like the work environment; it will boost your productivity.
Short Term or Long Term Job
You may be new to the job world and would like to seek a reliable job and opt for a long-term job with a contract. However, people may think just opposite to it and seek a short-term job instead, as it gives them scope to explore more skills, and networking opportunities to grow. Term of a job not only applies to students or new job seekers, but also to those who are in middle level management. It is important that you decide on your front and then seek an appropriate job.
Salary Flexibility
Hardly anyone will argue, salary is the most important factor of your job. Nevertheless, exceptions are always there as here too. Some people are fascinated about a particular career and given a chance to work in a particular field, they may not consider salary as a big issue. Hence, it is vital that you understand your own worth before looking for a job.
Are you a just out of college/school student and have referred to sample resumes for high school students with no work experience, to build one for you? Well, if you are planning to enter the job search market, you need to decide over the above discussed factors to shape your job search better. It will ensure that the job offer that you accept is the best suitable to you and you can seek better job satisfaction from it.

Keeping Your Job Search on Track During the Holidays

What to do with interview follow up letters after you write them? The first step is to organize writing during your job search. You need to devise a way to file and keep track of those letters you're required to write during your job search campaign. This task is easy when you organize yourself and keep it simple. As celebrated author Thomas Mann said, "Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject."

The subject you're mastering is you. And all the material you need to write about is contained in the resume and job search letters you've written and are in the process of writing. So you'll want to create a way to organize your letters, and then find ways to stay organized.

Your finished letters and e-mails can be kept in a computer folder, a manila folder on the top of your desk, or a three ring binder for easy reference. Correspondence you receive can be added to this collection

Then, when there's a need to look up something you've written to a prospective employer or personal contact, just open the chronological file you've created on the top of your desk or in your computer file. Either way, the letter you're checking is easily recalled by date.

That's the method I use when saving to a computer. When filing this article, for example, I'll "save as" 0129008 Organizing Writing." When I open "list view," everything is recalled chronologically,

Keeping a file of your job search writing is also a cool way to create more letters. Just rephrase what you've written to someone else in a similar situation. There's no need to reinvent the wheel each time.

You'll be most relaxed while writing when you avoid trying to write a perfect letter at one sitting. When your goal is to just write an average letter, your performance will rise because you'll be more relaxed and your writing will flow. Letters build upon each other and get better and better without your having to sweat over a keyboard each time you write.

The chronological file of letters you've written for your job search is now your own personal reference guide.

With all the extra hustle and bustle associated with the holiday season, it can be particularly tough to set aside time to focus on your job search. However, the holidays can actually be a great time to re-energize your job search for several reasons. First of all, you’ll have much more contact with your network of friends and colleagues. Secondly, companies often kick-start hiring right after the new year.
Networking opportunities
When you’re facing uncertainty about your future, often the last thing you want to do is dress up and celebrate with other people. However, every chance you have to interact with others offers a potential networking opportunity! So when your significant other tries to drag you to their office Christmas party, put on your holiday best, slide some business cards into your wallet, and go see who you can meet!
The time-honored tradition of sending holiday cards also offers you an excellent opening to check in with your network. Include a short letter or note with your card that lets your friends know that you are continuing to look for a job in your targeted field. Don’t feel self-conscious about doing this! Not only do your friends and family genuinely care about how you’re doing, but chances are that your employment status has slipped their minds in the midst of their own holiday craziness. If you get your holiday cards out early, before your round of parties, your contacts may very well ask you to tell them more about your job search.
Position yourself for the new year
Although many retail companies hire seasonal workers, the corporate world often drags on hiring throughout December while many employees are out of the office for extended periods. The good news is that when companies return to work in January-often armed with new annual budgets-their hiring season picks up in full force. After all your social activity during the holidays, your contacts will be eager to recommend you for openings in their companies.
In your downtime between opening presents and stuffing yourself silly, take a couple of hours to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. You may not get as many calls for interviews during the holiday season, but optimizing contact with others and getting your job search materials in top shape is still a productive use of your time. Not only will doing these things allow you to hit the ground running in January, but productivity will allow you to relax and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones as well!

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